Zero Tolerance Policy

If a player commits any of the following violations, they will be red carded and suspended from further play pending incident review by The ACES Board:

· Is involved in a fight during a match

· Is the aggressor in an altercation

· Joins an altercation in progress

· Commits an act of violent conduct towards another player, spectator, referee or board member

· Threatens or harasses another player, spectator, referee or board member

The referee will not make the decision to suspend a player.  The ACES Board will make the decision on the suspension.  The referee will red card the player and send the player off the field.  A Board Member will meet with the referee and get the details on all red cards connected with violent behavior.  The Board Member will then request additional statements as necessary to submit a recommendation to The ACES Board for disciplinary review and notify the appropriate parties involved.  

If the player is suspended, they will not be given refund for the season in progress.